Board Of Directors :-
1. Sanjay Singh
Chairman and Managing director

Shri Sanjay Singh is a graduate with vast experience in the field of management of companies dealing with telecom infrastructure development, value added services, Civil infrastructure development, Semiconductors particularly manufacturing and marketing of Smart cards, Project financing etc.
Shri Singh is on the board of Directors of following Companies:
1. RST Semiconductors Pvt Ltd.
2. RST Infrastructures Pvt Ltd.
Mr Singh is Sole Proprietor of RST Traders and partner in Satyam Petroleum..

2. Rakesh Singh

Shri Rakesh Singh , 35 years of age is an MBA . He has over 9 years experience in managing telecom Access networks and civil infrastructure projects. Mr Rakesh Singh is Director in following Companies also:
1. RST Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.
2. RST Semiconductors Pvt Ltd
He is also associated with a Petroleum firm as partner.