Collect Call Service :-
Prepaid subscribers generally suffer from lack of credit in their balance.
Operators do not let zero-balance subscribers to make an outbound call.
Parents expect their children to be reachable in any case even if their children do not have enough credit.
Corporates want to put limitations over telephone bills of employees.
In all these cases, voice revenues are lost.
SOLUTION : Collect Call Service.


A-Party, who doesn't have credit, sends requests to CC service. CC service initiates call to B-Party. When B Party answers, CC service plays an announcement. "this is a collect call from A Party, press #1 if you accept to pay for this call"

If B-Party accepts the collect call, CC service connects A-Party & B-Party. Real time charging is applied for B-Party until end of the call.


Request channels:
IVR Call/Prefix Base
USSD trigger
SMS trigger
IN trigger

Whitelist Support : A-Party and B-Party are connected automatically without getting approval of B-Party.
Personal Blacklist : B-Party blocks requests from a specific A-Party.
Global Blacklist : B-Party does not want to receive any Collect Call Request.
Usage Limitations : Daily Usage Policy and Daily Request Limit.