Micro Credit :-
Mobile Credit is a service which provides credit (in Rupees) to subscribers whose balance is out of credit. Not All Subscribers but Eligible Subscribers benefit from the service. To be eligible subscriber, any onnet subscriber should meet the predefined conditions. The service has debt collection mechanism which is triggered with recharge notifications from billing system. As soon as user of the service tops up, dept of user including service fee is automatically collected (in Rupees). Provision of the service can be through USSD or SMS.

Service Features :-

Blacklist Support: The service holds blacklist and any request is blocked automaticaly.
Whitelist Support: Any requester in whitelist can be automatically credible.
Provides Configurable Credit Provisioning Conditions.
Available when subscriber is in roaming.
View Dept Information: Dept Information of any subscriber can be viewed via USSD/SMS.
View Deptor Activity History: Call Center Agents view subscriber service history.
Provides Partially Dept Collection Mechanism.
Multilanguage support