Outbound Dialing (OBD) :-
This solution provides a user an online hosted service, where a user can upload a voice message, upload a list of telephone numbers to our website server and the voice messages would be delivered to those telephone numbers by dialling many numbers simultaneously. This is a completely automated solution for making automatic telephone calls and playing recorded voice message as soon as the call is picked by the called party. It can also play the voice message again on choice. This is an ideal solution for many business activities, campaigns, promotions such as:

* Political campaign
* Product promotions on phone
* Event notifications
* Stock alerts
* EMI remainders
* Car service remainders
* Doctor visit remainders
* Appointment remainders
* Medicine remainders
* Automatic seasonal greetings scheduling
* Any other customised outbound telephone call


* Access from anywhere with user friendly web interface for sending voice message in a single click.
* Upload phone numbers from MS Excel or Text file
* Scheduling of voice message calls
* API for integration with third party applications
* Online MIS report