Poke Call : -
Poke Call is New, unique and innovative Call Completion service.

OBJECTIVE : New REVENUE STREAM from call attempts

TARGET : Prepaid subscribers with no balance.

CONCEPT : Missed Call Monetization
A missed call is a more effective call-to-action than an SMS based notice. Personalization triggers emotion, provokes immediately and results in a call back action.

OPERATION : Mobile Operator allows subscriber to leave missed call message to B-Party through Poke Call platform.

IMPACT AND VALUE : B-party triggered to return call (more revenue, faster balance consumption, increase in received interconnection fees, increase in top-up) On-net and Off-net (no interconnection fee to pay) B-Party can be any type of subscriber (prepaid/postpaid subscriber, outbound/inbound roamer, onnet/offnet subscriber, corporate/individual subscriber) No service fee, no prefix, no subscription No promotion needed to make money (no marketing budget) Daily call attempts can be limited (Ex.: 5 per no balance pre-paid subscriber)